Unleash the Magic Within Your Voice

Vozard is the voice changer that redefines the boundaries of your voice. With its rich and lifelike sound effects library, you can transform into any character you like in real-time whether you're online chatting, gaming, live streaming, or content creating. Jump into the magical world of voice from now on.

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Explore All the Possibilities of Your Voice

150+ Lifelike Sound Effects: Take Whatever You Need

Vozard is your ultimate voice changer with advanced AI technology and offers realistic voices like SpongeBob, Joe Biden, and Darth Vader. Discover over 150 amazing sound effects, empowering your gaming, online chatting, and live streaming with endless possibilities. The fun's not done. Background sound effects and the hottest sound memes are also waiting for your exploration!


Mickey Mouse



Optimus Prime

Kung Fu Panda

Darth Vader

Donald Trump

Elon Musk

Morgan Freeman




Diverse Options for Audio Input at Your Fingertips

Multiple audio input methods make you soar freely in the ocean of creation. Instantly transform your voice with real-time voice changing and recording, or effortlessly upload audio/video files for voice modulation with just one click. Whether you want to create interesting sound effects or add unique characteristics to yourself, everything is under control.

Disguise Your Voice. Prank, Play, Everywhere

Online chats and meetings are too boring? Want to prank your gaming teammates? Looking to attract more live-stream viewers? Vozard - the AI voice changer works well with platforms like Discord, Zoom, Fortnite, Twitch, or streaming tools like OBS, allowing you to play different roles in gaming, chatting online, or live streaming. 

Discover Boundless Enjoyment Across Varied Scenarios

Spice Up Your Online Chats/Meetings

Inject creativity and fun into your online chats with Vozard voice changer. Interact with friends, family, or colleagues using various vocal identities, making every conversation filled with laughter and endless enjoyment. Create unforgettable moments of joy and connection!

Bring Gaming Experience to the Next Level

Transform your voice into your favorite game characters, enhancing the immersive experience on Valorant, PUBG, Fortnite, etc. Disguise yourself as a girl, boy, elderly person, or child, surprising your teammates and taking the exciting gaming process to the next level with Vozard AI voice changer.

Shine on Your Live Streaming Stage

Become any persona you wish to create during your live-streaming journey. With Vozard's real-time voice changing, you can exude a heightened sense of professionalism, entertainment, mischief, etc. Feel free to showcase your diverse self and interact with subscribers effortlessly.

Capture Immediate Attention with Audio/Video Creations

Elevate your creations from ordinary to extraordinary using Vozard. If you're a YouTuber or a TikToker, Vozard helps you transform the audio in your videos with a unique sonic charm. Moreover, you can enrich your creations by adding background sound effects or sound memes.

AI Voice Changer: 4 Simple Steps for Voice Changing in Real-time


Choose the real-time voice-changing mode


Check your microphone input


Choose the voice effect you want


Speak and you can hear your voice change

Don’t Just Listen to Us. Listen to Them…

I can't stop laughing while using Vozard. It's hilarious to see my friends' reactions when I switch to a completely unexpected voice during our online chats.
- Carol Evans
As a content creator, Vozard has become an essential tool for me. It allows me to create unique and engaging videos by altering my voice in various ways. It's versatile and reliable, and the range of voice effects is fantastic. My audience loves it, and so do I!
- Patrick Johnson
Vozard is mind-blowing! It has transformed my online gaming experience into a whole new level of fun.
- Amy Cooper
Vozard is a game-changer for my live streaming. My viewers are always amazed by the different voices I can pull off. It adds a whole new dimension to my content.
- Randy Phillips
I've tried several voice-changing software before, but none come close to the versatility and quality of Vozard. It's like having a whole arsenal of voices at my disposal.
- Rachel Young

Step into a magical world of voices with Vozard's 150+ lifelike sound effects. Elevate your online chats, gaming, and live streaming with endless fun from now on.

Free DownloadFor Win & Mac | 100% Clean & Secure

See Pricing60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Hot Topics You May Need

Hot Topics

Q1: Can I transform my voice into a celebrity's voice?

A: Yes, Vozard offers a wide range of popular AI voices that are highly realistic. You can use them to transform your voice into any celebrity you like. However, Vozard can only be used for personal legal purposes and should not be used for activities that harm others or society.

Q2: Are voice changers legal?

A: Generally speaking, voice changers are legal to use. However, some games and online services prohibit altering your voice. It's always best to check the terms of service.

Q3: Do live voice changers exist?

A: Yes, live voice changers that can change your voice in real-time do exist. Popular options include Vozard and VoiceMod which allow altering your voice on platforms like Roblox during live gameplay or calls.

Q4: Can you use a voice changer on Roblox?

A: Yes, you can use a voice changer like Vozard on Roblox. Many Roblox players enjoy using voice changers to disguise or modify their voice during gameplay. Just be aware that altering your voice may violate Roblox's terms of service.

Q5: Are there free sound effects available in Vozard?

A: Yes, Vozard provides users with 3 completely free voice effects per day. Background sound effects are also free of use without any limitations.

Q6: Can I use Vozard in other games or apps?

A: Yes, Vozard currently supports some social platforms like Discord, streaming platforms like OBS, meeting platforms like Zoom, and gaming platforms like Fortnite. You can download and try it for free to learn more.

Q7: Does Vozard support both Windows and Mac?

A: Yes, Vozard is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.